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John T. Vaughan (Deceased)



John T. Vaughan (Deceased)


I reckon the stool of success in this mortal life to rest on three legs: the love of a life’s companion, the trust of children, and the respect of fellow man.  For an antiquated old pedant, to be so remembered by former students, especially in a clinical setting (far removed from the confines of a classroom) where unexpected challenges occur repeatedly and test one’s equanimity, it is a cherished honor equal to anything I’ve ever known.

John T. Vaughan, DVM, MS, DACVS

Dr. Vaughan impressed me the first time I met him when he came from Auburn to speak at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.  It soon became clear that he was a very gifted surgeon but in a practical, experienced sort of way.  He was an articulate, slow speaker with powerful words.  Dr. Vaughan became a father figure that I always wanted to please. I fondly recall that he would often say:

'Always follow the pathology' (when following a draining tract, tumor or similar) which required one to know the appearance of normal tissue.

'To be a good surgeon one had to pay attention to iotas.' If you did not know that an iota was the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet, he would tell you.

Donnie E. Slone, DVM, DACVS


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