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James L. Tomlinson


James L. Tomlinson


Being a mentor means being an example of the surgeon that the resident is striving to become. It is gratifying to see the progress that occurs in residents from the beginning to the end of their program, and I hope that I have had some positive influence on that journey. My wish is that they become better in all aspects of what we do as surgeons.

James L. Tomlinson, DVM, MVSc, DACVS

Dr. Tomlinson is a wise and trusted teacher, and I am fortunate to have had him as one of my surgical mentors.  During my residency, he always led by example and was willing to share his skills, knowledge and expertise.  Dr. Tomlinson had a sixth sense of when to let you struggle a little and when to take over.  He taught me not only how to stabilize a fracture according to AO Principles and correct an ALD, but also, how to be thorough and attentive with every case.   I am lucky to call Dr. Tomlinson not only my mentor but also my friend.

Mirae Wood, DVM, DACVS (Small Animal)


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