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Denis J. Marcellin-Little


Dr. Marcellin-Little became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons over 20 years ago. The rigorous preparation that he invested in pursuing ACVS membership resulted in one of the most important professional achievement of his life and continues to shape his approach to science. He derives great joy in training ACVS residents and in seeing them become new Diplomates.

Denis J. Marcellin-Little


Being an ACVS Foundation Honored Mentor is very touching. Mentoring ACVS residents is at the core of the responsibilities of veterinary surgeons working in academia. Training future Diplomates is a key part of their professional legacy. There is no greater joy than being acknowledged by an ACVS Diplomate who is appreciative for the mentorship received.

Denis J. Marcellin-Little, DEDV, DACVS

Dr. Marcellin-Little has advanced the way that our profession incorporates pain management and physical rehabilitation into the management of our orthopedic patients. By following his forward thinking multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, all of us who learn from him become better clinicians.



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