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Sheila Laverty


Sheila Laverty


To be honored as an ACVS mentor is truly the most rewarding accolade of my professional life. I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to those residents who have been so generous to thank me in this extraordinary and unexpected way.

To teach and guide, (but also frequently learn at their side!) such intelligent, motivated, dedicated and hard-working veterinarians has always been a great privilege and pleasure.

I am  forever indebted to the ACVS Diplomates at the University of California, Davis, who were open-minded and progressive enough in the 80’s to admit  me, a foreign female, to the Equine surgery training program.

Thank you all for enriching my life so much!

Sheila Laverty, MVB, DACVS

Dr. Laverty has been my mentor in many ways and she is an amazing surgeon and woman. She demonstrated to me that nothing is impossible when you really want it and when you work for it. Thanks for everything Sheila, you will remain as my role model and mentor for life.

Perrine Piat, DMV, DACVS(Large Animal), DECVS (Large Animal)


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