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D. J. Krahwinkel, Jr.


D. J. Krahwinkel, Jr.


Why would a person stay in academics for over 40 years?  Because of the joy and challenge of teaching. Especially the opportunity to train young people who desire to excel in veterinary surgery.  Residents push their mentors to keep up with current literature and knowledge, while mentors provide them experiential learning and advanced skills.  I am humbled to be named as an Honored Mentor.

D. J. Krahwinkel, Jr., DVM, DACVS

Although I first met DJ when I was applying for residencies, I did not have the pleasure of working with him until I was already a board certified surgeon and tenured associate professor. As my department chair, DJ was kind, sincere, honest, and practical. This amazing man is triple boarded-anesthesia, critical care, and surgery and yet he is incredibly humble. Even board certified surgeons need a mentor, and I have found the perfect one in Dr. Krahwinkel.

Karen M. Tobias, DVM, MS, DACVS


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