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Gordon H. Keown (Deceased)



Gordon H. Keown (Deceased)


I was an undergraduate at W.S.U. Dr. Keown was the “equine surgeon”. Inspired me to apply for an internship at UCD under Dr. Wheat. Then I returned as a faculty member with Dr. Keown.

Barrie D. Grant, DVM, MS, DACVS

I have been so fortunate to have known Gordie since 1962. He was truly a wonderful person. He and his wife, Lily, literally adopted my wife, Marilyn, and me when I joined the WSU faculty in veterinary medicine. He was a “grandfather” to my children.

Dr. Keown was a founding member of the ACVS. Dr. Keown was a mentor to many WSU veterinarians and gave students like Dr. Grant a solid and practical education in equine medicine and surgery.

John (Jack) Alexander, DVM, DACVR


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