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Colin E. Harvey


Colin E. Harvey


Training residents and seeing them succeed has been one of my favorite activities, initially in surgery, and for the second half of my professional career, in dentistry. There is no better legacy!

Colin E. Harvey, BVSc, FRCVS, DACVS, DAVDC

When I started as an assistant professor at UPenn in 1980, Dr. Harvey was a wonderful role model in the way he used a robust caseload to make new discoveries and advance veterinary surgery.  As a result, he authored many of the original manuscripts on head/neck surgery and later on in dentistry. He also championed this approach as the editor of Veterinary Surgery.

On a personal note, Dr. Harvey helped me become established in the UPenn surgery section - and when I had a child, he made sure that I had my full 8 weeks of maternity leave, which may not sound like much now, but at that time surgeons didn’t become pregnant!

Elizabeth A. Stone, DVM, MS, MPP, DACVS


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