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William D. DeHoff


William D. DeHoff


To all of us, who select residents to join our programs, there is an unspoken understanding by the resident and those who have chosen them that goes beyond ‘requirements’ and the work. The surgeon feels the responsibility to impart as strong a residency program as they can produce and the resident trusts that to be true. The mentor accepts the responsibility to guide, advise, direct, support, understand, and encourage the resident to excel to be the best. To be referred to as someone’s ‘Mentor’ in our college is a prized accolade.

William D. DeHoff, DVM, MS, DACVS

Bill has mentored all of us in unique ways. His energy, contagious love and enthusiasm for our profession has influenced each of us in positive ways. We are lucky to have been in his presence and have gained personal and professional insights that only he could have provided.



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