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Charles E. DeCamp


Charles E. DeCamp


ACVS mentorship is a highly privileged relationship. I am sure I have taken away far more professionally, from the observations and activities of these fine young people, than I have ever given back to them. Of course, I have tried to see what each of them truly needs. That’s the rub.

Charles E. DeCamp, DVM, MS, DACVS

Charlie told us he wasn’t going to try to teach us every surgical technique during residency; instead he hoped to teach us how to be caring doctors and lifelong students of surgery. A teacher when we needed a teacher, a task master when we needed a task master, a colleague when we needed a colleague. But most importantly, a true friend when we needed a true friend. Thank you, Charlie.

Dermot J. Jevens, MVB, DACVS


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