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Eugene M. Breznock


Eugene M. Breznock


I have always strived in my teaching endeavors to make those under my tutelage exceed my own surgical abilities, knowledge, and skills (and believe me that is not an overzealous expectation on my part given my own abilities, knowledge and skills). I am proud to say that those recognizing me for this honor have achieved my goal and expectation by demonstrating their superb and superior intellect, surgical skills and dedication to the profession and specialty. I am truly humbled and gratified by the  recognition of such a successful and intelligent group.

Eugene M. Breznock, DVM, PhD, DACVS

Dr. Eugene Breznock is a leader in the development of hepatic and cardiovascular surgical procedures in veterinary medicine. He was at the forefront of the understanding of the pathophysiology and surgical correction of portosystemic shunts. Dr. Breznock brings a unique perspective to medicine and life that always makes learning entertaining. His students will never forget his incredible skills and knowledge.

Clare R. Gregory, DVM, DACVS


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