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Jamie R. Bellah


Jamie R. Bellah


I feel so fortunate to have been mentored by dedicated, caring faculty that were an inspiration to me as a veterinary student, during my internship, my residency training and as a young faculty member. Their encouragement, guidance and examples, as clinician, surgeon, educator and colleague were instrumental in my accomplishments as an ACVS Diplomate, faculty member and educator. I hope that at least in part, I have been able to pass along the guidance that contributed so positively toward my career to those I had a role in training as we worked together.  For me personally, it has truly been a joy and privilege to teach and to learn from veterinary students, interns, and residents during my career. The opportunity to spend a major portion of my career as a veterinary clinician and faculty member teaching surgery has been a gift, and I am sincerely humbled to be recognized as an honored mentor.

Jamie R. Bellah, DVM, DACVS



He was influential in starting my journey in veterinary surgery. 

Christopher S. Eich, DVM, DACVS


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