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Research Grant Completion

Each research study will be given a year for completion and all data and material resulting from the study shall be submitted to the ACVS Research Committee for review, as appropriate.  Within one (1) year of completion of the project, a manuscript shall be submitted to a refereed journal, such as Veterinary Surgery. The investigators are strongly encouraged to give the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) first consideration for publication and presentation of material resulting from the study.  A report of the publication of the manuscript shall be submitted to the Chair of the Research Committee c/o the ACVS office (acvs@acvs.org) or Tracey Delaney (tdelaney@acvs.org) within 60 days of final acceptance for publication.  

The Research Committee ask that you acknowledge the ACVS Foundation Diplomate Clinical Research Grant or the ACVS Foundation Surgeon-in-Training Research Grant on any work, presentation, or publication that incorporates research obtained from the funded study. It is important that the acknowledgment include all the words shown using bold font and is not shortened in any way.

No-cost extensions for projects exceeding the one-year completion date

If extenuating circurmstances cause a delay in completing the study so that it cannot be completed within one year, the principal investigator may submit a request for a no-cost extension by submitting a letter (prepared on official letterhead) to the Chair of the Research Committee c/o the ACVS office (acvs@acvs.org) or Tracey Delaney (tdelaney@acvs.org)

Example of a request for a no-cost extension