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2012 Veterinary Surgery Publication Awards

Presented by the ACVS Foundation.
Sponsored by KYON Veterinary Surgical Products

First Place Clinical

Neil J. Burton (University of Bristol), Conservative Versus Arthroscopic Management for Medial Coronoid Process Disease in Dogs: A Prospective Gait Evaluation. Neil J. Burton, Martin R. Owen, Lisa S. Kirk, Michael J. Toscano, G. Robert Colborne. Veterinary Surgery, 40: 972-980.

Second Place Clinical

Antje Hinz (Chino Valley Equine Hospital), Comparison of the Accuracy of Radiography and Ultrasonography for Detection of Articular Lesions in Horses. Antje Hinz, Andrew T. Fischer Jr. Veterinary Surgery, 40: 881-884.

First Place Research

Kevin Wahl (Purdue University), Contamination of Joints with Tissue Debris and Hair after Arthrocentesis: The Effect of Needle Insertion Angle, Spinal Needle Gauge, and Insertion of Spinal Needles with and without a Stylet. Kevin Wahl, Stephen B. Adams, George E. Moore. Veterinary Surgery, 41: 391-398.

Second Place Research

Marco Demaria (Michigan State University), Effects of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Healing of Open Wounds in Dogs. Marco Demaria, Bryden J. Stanley, Joe G. Hauptman, Barbara A. Steficek, Michele C. Fritz, John M. Ryan, Nathaniel A. Lam, Trevor W. Moore, Heather S. Hadley. Veterinary Surgery, 40: 658-669.