2012 Symposium Committee and Chairs

Symposium DirectorNathaniel A. White

Assistant Symposium DirectorLouise L. Southwood

Large Animal Program ChairMelinda H. MacDonald

Large Animal Program Sub-CommitteeLeann Kuebelbeck

Large Animal Program Sub-CommitteeAntonio M. Cruz

Small Animal Program ChairLaura L. Nelson

Small Animal Program Sub-CommitteeTerry Dew

Small Animal Program Sub-CommitteePhil D. Mayhew

Small Animal Program Sub-CommitteeWanda Gordon-Evans

Special Sessions Program ChairJose M. Garcia-Lopez

Special Session Program Sub-CommitteeSarah Boston

Special Sessions Program - TechniciansKim Schmidt

Laboratory Sub-CommitteeKathleen Ham

Laboratory Sub-CommitteeSteve Mehler

Scientific Presentation ChairRich Redding

Assistant Scientific Presentation ChairDominique J. Griffon

Seminar Chairs

Abdominal SurgeryChad Schmiedt

Advance MISEric Monnet

Advances in Foal SurgeryJ. Brett Woodie

Advances in Small Animal Total Joint ReplacementJeff Peck

American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & RehabilitationAndy Kaneps

American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine & RehabilitationSherman Canapp

Anesthesia - ACVASandi Perkowski

Clinical Decision Making - A Case Based Session on OutcomesJames Cook

Cutting Edge in Minimally Invasive Orthopedic SurgeryTimothy B. Lescun

Cutting Edge in Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue SurgeryDean A. Hendrickson

Decision Making in Equine Orthopedic SurgeryDavid G. Levine

Decision Making in Gastrointestinal SurgeryK. Leann Kuebelbeck

Decision Making in Respiratory SurgeryJonathan Cheetham

Distal ExtremitySherman Canapp

Equine DentistryMathew Gerard

Evidence Based Lameness TherapyJennifer G. Barrett

Farm AnimalDavid Anderson

FracturesTerry Dew

Head and Neck SurgeryKyle Mathews

Hepatobiliary SurgeryDan Brockman

Innovative Lameness and Diagnostics ImagingWilliam R. Redding

Interventional RadiologySteve Mehler

Joint Disease: Similarities & Difference Between Horses & DogsAntonio Cruz

Large Animal Residents' ForumChad Zubrod

Large Animal Scientific AbstractsMelinda MacDonald

Novel Cancer TherapiesWilliam Culp

Pain Management - IVAMPAlicia Karas

Regenerative MedicineScott Hopper

Rehabilitation and Non-Traditional TherapiesHenry S. Adair III

Small Animal Interactive CasesLaura Nelson

Small Animal Residents' ForumMary Sarah Bergh

Small Animal Scientific AbstractsLaura Nelson

Spinal SurgerySharon Kerwin

Stifle SurgeryBrian Martin

Surgery for Advanced PractitionersRob McCarthy

Technicians' Program - Large AnimalSharon Klinger

Technicians' Program - Small AnimalKim Schmidt

Thoracic SurgeryMargo Mehl

Total Joint ReplacementAntonio Pozzi

Urinary SurgeryChris Adin

VSSO Surgical Oncology Session: Focus on Endocrine NeoplasiaNick Bacon

Wound Management & ReconstructionBryden Stanley

Laboratory Chairs

Advanced Equine Upper Airway Laser SurgeryKen Sullins

Advanced TPLO Course and Wet-LabMichael Kowaleski

Advanced Wound ManagementBryden Stanley

AO Veterinary Technicians' WorkshopSpencer Johnson

Canine Diagnostic Musculosketal UltrasoundSherman Canapp

Chest Wall Resection & ReconstructionSarah Boston

Endoscopic Knot Tying & Psychomotor ExercisesClarence Rawlings

Facial Reconstructive SurgeryMichael Pavletic

Interlocking Nailing for Canine FracturesLiz Pluhar

Intermediate Shoulder & Elbow ArthroscopyIan Holsworth

PAX Advanced Locking SystemJosh Jackson

Sliding Humeral Osteotomy (SHO)Kurt Schulz

Small Animal Minimally Invasive SurgeryPhil Mayhew

Surgical Management of Juvenile Hip Dysplasia with DPOBrian Beale

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)Randy Boudrieau

Tracheal & Urethral StentingChick Weisse

Vacuum Assisted LaparotomyNichole J Boute


Large Animal Orthopedic SurgeryDavid Wilson

Large Animal General SurgeryRandall Eggleston

Large Animal Residents' ForumChad Zubrod

Scientific Poster SessionRaphael Labens

Small Animal General SurgeryHeather Towle

Small Animal Orthopedic SurgeryWanda Gordon-Evans

Small Animal Residents' ForumMary Sarah Bergh