Search Troubleshooting

I get a message "Error: cannot open database files" when I try to search.

This problem may appear if you:

  1. Are trying to search on a past year's CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or flash drive, and
  2. Are using Internet Explorer for Windows.

The issue comes from switching between older and newer search engine files. You can temporarily get search access back by running this batch file which will allow the search engine on the older product to work. You may need to be the administrator of your PC in order to run the batch file. Your IT department can assist you with this. Restart Internet Explorer for the change to take effect.

If you wish to frequently switch between old and new products, you will have to run this batch file each time before switching to the old product.

An alternate workaround is to use a different web browser such as Firefox or Opera. These web browsers do not have this compatibility issue.

Why does it take so long to search?

The time it takes to display your search results depends on several factors:

I see the "Retrieving Search Results" screen, but I never get any search results.

For the search engine to work, there are several requirements:

If you meet all these requirements and still do not get search results, the cause might be one or more of the following:

I can't get the search to work in Windows.

Your IT department may have implemented security measures that can interfere with the search engine when running under a non-administrator account. Have someone who is the administrator for your PC try the following:

Windows Vista

  1. Quit out of all open Internet Explorer windows.
  2. From the Windows menu, select All Programs.
  3. Right-click "Internet Explorer" in the program list and select Run as administrator. Enter your administrator name and password.
  4. Type ctrl-o to bring up the Open dialog box, and click Browse.... Find the "Start.htm" file on the product and open it in the current Internet Explorer window.
  5. Try to perform a search on the product. If prompted, install the ActiveX control. Your search should return results as expected.
  6. You may now quit out of Internet Explorer and re-launch the product normally. The ActiveX control should now be installed and search should function for the non-admin user.

Windows 2000/XP (or if the above procedure doesn't work in Vista)

  1. Restart the PC and log in as an administrator.
  2. Run this product normally and perform a search. If prompted, install the ActiveX control. It may get installed automatically.
  3. Log back in as the non-admin user.

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