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ACVS Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery (JRS)

An ACVS Founding Fellow or Fellow in JRS should have a high level of expertise in the surgical management of joint injuries and other joint pathology by means of joint replacement. The JRS fellow must be proficient in knowledge of the benefits and risks associated with a multidisciplinary approach that includes surgical treatment. 

Open Call for Founding Fellows in JRS

Applications to attain the status of ACVS Founding Fellow in JRS will be accepted April 1, 2020–March 31, 2021. ACVS Diplomates (large animal or small animal) who want to apply for founding fellow status must have completed these requirements prior to submitting their application:

  1. a minimum of five years of ACVS Diplomate status.
  2. a minimum of five years of experience in JRS, beyond what was attained during surgery residency training. 
  3. a minimum of 250 clinical JRS cases as surgeon-in-charge, as first assistant, and/or in a mentorship capacity on other surgeons’ cases. A single target joint, or any combination of target joints, is/are acceptable.
  4. a minimum of three JRS scientific publications related to joint replacement surgery (such as clinical trials, prospective studies, retrospective studies, experimental studies, innovations of previously undescribed JRS instrumentation or prostheses) in peer reviewed literature as a primary, corresponding, or senior author. Review articles or articles in Compendium or Veterinary Clinics or similar review articles, or case series with less than three cases are not acceptable. A single case report will be accepted if it describes a new JRS technique or a JRS-related surgical / pathological finding that has not been previously reported.
  5. an abstract on JRS presented at national or international meetings.
  6. participated in at least one JRS veterinary workshop.

A detailed list of requirements, as well as a list of all the documentation that must be submitted within the application package, can be found in the instructions for applying for JRS founding fellow status. The application must be submitted in a single package to acvs@acvs.org by March 31, 2021.

Establishing an ACVS Training Center for JRS

Currently there are no training centers in JRS at this time. Fellow candidates cannot register until a training center has been established for this discipline. If interested in establishing a center, contact us at acvs@acvs.org. Training institutions must comply with the Minimum Standards for ACVS Fellowship Training in Joint Replacement Surgery

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