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Employment Advertising

ACVS is excited to announce that we will be launching a new job board in February, 2019!  Ads placed prior to the change will carry over into the new system at the current price and duration.  New pricing and advertising options for employers and job seekers will be available with our new system.


The ACVS website is visited by thousands of individuals on a monthly basis.  Current employment ads are posted at www.acvs.org/employment-opportunities.

Another effective recruiting option is ACVS Mailing Labels.  For more information, visit www.acvs.org/mailing-labels.


(Prices subject to change)
  • Ads submitted electronically online, via email or on disk: $400.00 for the first 150 words and $250.00 for each additional 150 words.
  • Advertising requests can be submitted online or via mail/fax by sending the ACVS website advertising order form.


  • Ads will be placed on the ACVS website within 2 weeks of receipt of ad text and full payment.
  • Ads must contain description and contact information.
  • The ACVS uses the “Word Count” function to determine the cost of the advertisement. Web advertising is sold in 150 word increments. Copy exceeding the initial allowance will be billed the full $250 for each additional 150 words or fraction thereof up to a maximum of 750 words.
  • Advertisements run on the ACVS website in 3 month increments. Additional 3 month increments will be charged based on the ad's word count.
  • Copy cannot include pictures, logos, graphics or attachments of any kind.  Do not include html coding in ad.
  • Note that the terms “board eligible,” “board qualified” and "credentials accepted by ACVS" are unacceptable under current guidelines.  Guidelines established by ACVS necessitate changing these terms to “individuals who have completed surgery residency training.”  Additionally, the term “surgeon” may be used only to refer to ACVS board certified veterinary surgeons.
  • The ACVS reserves the right to inspect advertisements prior to the placement on the website and reserves the right to refuse, without question, the placement of an ad. Submissions not meeting requirements may be refused or receive minor rewording as necessary.  A full refund will be issued if the ad is not deemed suitable.

Online Employment Advertisement Information:

(*indicates a required field)

Position Title: Please do not use all uppercase.*

Practice / Company Name: *

Please specify species if applicable:
(Small Animal Surgeon, Large Animal Intern, Equine Technician, etc.)


City: *

State / Province: *

Country (if outside USA):



Please check here if you are renewing or extending an ad currently running on the ACVS website as-is.

Ad Content: (see above guidelines)*


Ad content copied and pasted from certain word processing programs can contain coding along with the text which can cause characters to submit improperly (ex. "Practice" appears as â€œPracticeâ€).  If strange characters appear in the shopping cart, try copying and pasting the ad content from a program such as Notepad which will remove all underlying code.

Word Count:

Specify how long you would like the ad to run: *

Total ad cost:


Javascript must be enabled for proper submission of this online form. If you encounter problems with the submission, please contact Latoya Prather at lprather@acvs.org or by calling 301-916-0200 ext. 113.


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