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Fellowship Programs

ACVS recognizes that many of its members have achieved, or may wish to achieve, a level of expertise in a specific field. This expertise allows ACVS Diplomates to interact with other surgeons, related non-surgical experts and the lay community in such a way as to provide a leadership role in matters pertaining to surgery in their focused field.

In order to fulfill this membership need, ACVS established ACVS Fellowship Programs. Fellows of these programs have specific expertise and knowledge in their specialized disciplines beyond what can be mastered within a 3-year veterinary surgery residency program. Individuals participating in fellowship programs must have completed all requirements of a veterinary surgery residency and have had their credentials approved by the ACVS. The title of ACVS Fellow in the specific field is not conferred until achieving ACVS Diplomate status. ACVS recognizes this discipline-specific expertise within its own ranks and wishes to formally acknowledge this achievement, as well as provide assistance in formalizing training programs. ACVS Fellowship Programs serve to develop highly skilled surgeons who, in turn, will become recognized experts in a specific surgical field.

Additional information on ACVS Fellowship Programs
Application to establish an ACVS Fellowship Program
Guidelines for establishing an ACVS Fellowship Program​
Minimum Training Standards for ACVS Fellowship Program - Last section to be amended for each specific discipline

ACVS Fellowship Programs

ACVS Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery
ACVS Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery
ACVS Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Small Animal)
ACVS Fellowship in Surgical Oncology

For questions about the application process or about the fellowship programs, contact the ACVS office (acvs@acvs.org) or Dr. Brad Case, chair of the Fellowship Committee.