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American College of Veterinary Surgeons
19785 Crystal Rock Dr, Suite 305
Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: 301-916-0200; Toll Free: 877-217-2287
Fax: 301-916-2287
Email: acvs@acvs.org 

Please see the ACVS staff and responsibilities lists below.

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ACVS Staff
Alphabetical Order by First Name

Ann T. Loew, EdM, CAE, ext. 108, aloew@acvs.org
Chief Executive Officer
Board of Regents
Nominating Committee
Veterinary Surgery Journal

Blair Thomas, ext. 105, bthomas@acvs.org
Accounting Manager/Meeting Registrar
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Diplomate Dues
Surgery Summit Registration

Jeff Melia, ext. 102, jmelia@acvs.org
Resident Training and Technology Manager
Residency Training
Resident Credentialing Committee

Kimberly E. Soehnlein, ext. 104, ksoehnlein@acvs.org
Senior Certification Programs Manager
Diplomate Support
Dual Certification
Examination (Phase I & II)
Veterinary Surgery Journal

Latoya Prather, ext. 113, lprather@acvs.org
Administrative Coordinator
Address Changes
Employment Ads
Order Fulfillment (mailing labels, brochures)
Promotional Items (e.g., scrubs, apparel)
Referrals to Diplomates
Student Awards

Lynne Marshall, ext. 111, lmarshall@acvs.org
Executive Assistant
Board of Regents
Constitution, Bylaws & Protocols
Cut to the Point (CTTP)
Examination (Traditional)
Nominating Committee

Mike McNally, ext. 100, mmcnally@acvs.org
Industry Relations Manager
Premier Sponsors Program
Press Releases
Surgery Summit Exhibits and Sponsorship

Sarah Donnelly, ext. 120, sdonnelly@acvs.org
Residency Program Administrator
Maintenance of Certification
Residency Program Compliance Committee
Residency Program Registration

Tamika Anderson, ext. 114, tanderson@acvs.org
Marketing and Communications Administrator
Educational Partnership Program
Practice Partners Manager
Public Outreach Committee
Surgery Summit Onsite Registration Desk
Surgery Summit Promotion

Tenia Burton, ext. 110, tburton@acvs.org
Program Coordinator
ACVS Foundation
Board of Trustees
History Project
Legacy Program
Pet and Equine Memorial Program
Research Committee
Research Grants
Silent Auction/Raffle
Student Awards

Teresa Perrell, CMP, ext. 103, tperrell@acvs.org
Conference Manager
Surgery Summit Abstracts
Surgery Summit Contracts
Surgery Summit Hotel/Convention Logistics

Tim Johns, ext. 107, tjohns@acvs.org
CE Coordinator
Surgery Summit Proceeding Notes
Surgery Summit Program/Speakers
Surgery Summit RACE Approval
Surgery Summit Scientific Presentations


Area of Responsibility

Staff Person

Accounting Blair (ext. 105)
Address Changes Latoya (ext. 113)
Advertising Mike (ext. 100)
Board of Directors
(ACVS Foundation)
Ann (ext. 108)
Board of Regents Ann (ext. 108)
Lynne (ext. 111)
Board of Trustees
(ACVS Foundation)
Tenia (ext. 110)
Constitution, Bylaws & Protocols Lynne (ext. 111)
Credentialing Jeff (ext. 102)
Cut to the Point (CTTP) Lynne (ext. 111)
Diplomas Latoya (ext. 113)
Directory Latoya (ext. 113)
Donations (ACVS Foundation) Tenia (ext. 110)
Dual Certification Kim (ext. 104)
Dues Blair (ext. 105)
Educational Partnership Program Tamika (ext. 114)
Employment Ads Latoya (ext. 113)
Examination (Phase I & II) Kim (ext. 104)
Examination (Traditional) Lynne (ext. 111)
Fellowships Tamika (ext. 114)
Foundation Tenia (ext. 110)
Journal, Veterinary Surgery Kim (ext. 104)
Laboratories Teresa (ext. 103)
Legacy Program Tenia (ext. 110)
Maintainence of Certification Sarah (ext. 120)
Nominating Committee Lynne (ext. 111)
Orders (e.g., mailing labels, brochures) Latoya (ext. 113)
Pet and Equine Memorial Program Tenia (ext. 110)
Practice Partners Program Tamika (ext. 114)
Premier Sponsors Program Mike (ext. 100)
Proceedings Notes Tim (ext. 103)
Promotional Items (e.g., scrubs, apparel) Latoya (ext. 113)
Public Outreach Tamika (ext. 114)
Referrals to Diplomates Latoya (ext. 113)
Research Grant Applications Tenia (ext. 110)
Residency Program Compliance Committee Sarah (ext. 120)
Residency Program Registration Sarah (ext. 120)
Resident Training Jeff (ext. 102)
Resident Credentialing Committee Jeff (ext. 102)
Scientific Presentations Tim (ext. 103)
Student Awards Latoya (ext. 113)
Surgery Summit Contracts Teresa (ext. 103)
Surgery Summit Exhibits Mike (ext. 100)
Surgery Summit Hotel / Convention Center Teresa (ext. 103)
Surgery Summit / Program / Speakers Tim (ext. 107)
Surgery Summit Promotion Tamika (ext. 114)
Surgery Summit RACE Approval Tim (ext. 107)
Surgery Summit Registration Blair (ext. 105)
Surgery Summit Sponsors & Exhibitors Mike (ext. 100)
VetSpecialists.com Kim (ext. 104)
Tamika (ext. 114)
Website Jeff (ext. 102)
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